Kindergarten Program

Room 7 and 8 – Pre-K Classes – (4 years to 5 years)

We offer both a full-day and a half-day Pre-K program. This program is offered to those children who will be attending or have missed the local school cut-off and offers the opportunity for individual attention and preparation for elementary school. How exciting is it when your child is ready for one of the biggest steps he or she will take? Entering Kindergarten! Selecting the appropriate Pre-K environment is important. Our comprehensive program gives each child the opportunity to learn from a variety of developmentally appropriate materials and equipment. We believe that each child should learn at his or her own pace. Our Pre-K environment encourages open-ended exploration, discovery and investigation. The curriculum is designed to enhance each child’s self-confidence and to build each child’s self-esteem. It gives the children the opportunity for optimum growth in academics, socialization, physical fitness, and emotional well being.

Pre K’s learn and master many concepts:

  • Write first and last name using the proper capitalization, spacing and letter formation
  • Recognize and print the alphabet
  • Language
  • Library and literature to enhance each child’s love of reading
  • Recognize and write numbers
  • Visual discrimination
  • Health and nutrition
  • Journal writing
  • Understand the purpose of the calendar
  • Identify our planet, country, state and city in which they live
  • Utilize objects of scientific exploration
  • Explore the world of art, music, physical fitness and science

A healthy balance of academics and socialization are the perfect stepping stone for positive school experience.

Room 8 – Kindergarten Continuation Program

Kindergarten Continuation Program -This unique program is offered to children who have entered a half day Kindergarten program in the public school system and will be entering first grade the following school year. Our teachers will continue to work with children when they return from Kindergarten. Reading, writing, math skills and science are covered in this program which will reinforce your child’s kindergarten program.

Public Schools: our Meridian center offers transportation to the following schools for Kindergarten through 5th grade: Paramount, Hunter, Ponderosa and Willow Creek. We offer before and after school care for AM Kindergarten and School-Age Children.

Our Boise center can transport to Riverside, Garfield, and White Pine – call for details.

Pre-k student
Child holding up painted palms
kindergarten student painting