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Our Philosophy

Kids Choice Child Care Center of Meridian is continually committed to striving for and maintaining outstanding exemplary preschool program standards. Kids Choice will pursue this commitment by providing a developmentally appropriate preschool curriculum, which meets the developing social, emotional, creative and physical needs of each child by using an integrated approach. Our child care center will promote positive feelings of self-worth by emphasizing a peaceful environment. We will guide children to develop skills necessary to learn, live together, to negotiate conflicts and become culturally sensitive. Each child comes to us with a unique personality and potential for growth. Kids Choice develops trust with a caring attitude which, combined with professional expertise, allows us to understand each child’s stage of development.

A Nurturing Place that Helps your Children to Thrive

Entrusting your child to outside care is a stressful decision. Kids Choice Child Care Center is a nurturing and supportive preschool environment. In our warm enriching setting, children share more than play, meals and rest. Together they have fun exploring a range of programs and activities specifically designed by child development experts to help them grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

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A Warm, Safe Place To Explore

Environment is everything when caring for children. Our comfortable surroundings offer a setting of affection and trust where your child can feel safe and free to grow. There are child-sized spaces for every age group. The program for Kids Choice is designed to celebrate and enhance your child’s uniqueness, and foster a positive self image. Each day offers your child a mix of experiences that include:

  • A choice of play and preschool learning activities based on your child’s needs and interests
  • A daily schedule that allows for active and quiet play, both alone and in small groups.
  • A menu of nutritious meals and snacks

A Place to Learn

Your child’s day includes another type of fun too: intriguing preschool learning activities carefully matched to his or her development level. Child development follows a predictable sequence- although there is a unique timetable for each child . Every one of our learning activities is designed to cultivate your child’s emerging skills and abilities, strengthen self confidence, and instill a natural love of learning. Together, they are designed to help your child:

  • Learn how to make choices and use time and energy most effectively to do it.
  • Build self discipline and the ability to carry out tasks with originality and responsibility.
  • Gain experience in working with others
  • Cultivate skills in reading, writing, math, art, music, science, social studies and physical education.
  • Develop reasoning abilities in a wide range of situations.
  • Encourage creativity, initiative, a spirit of inquiry, a desire for knowledge, and an openness to others for views and ideas.
  • Enhance love and concern for others.

A Place to Play

Your child’s physical, cognitive and social skills are built through enjoyable structured play, non-competitive games and activities. Tumbling, obstacle courses, creative movement, ball handling and more help your child build flexibility, agility, balance and eye/hand coordination. All classrooms have immediate access to our playgrounds which have been developed for each age group. When it is too hot or too cold to play outside our large Multi-Purpose Room will be utilized for play time activities.

Highly Trained To Help Children Grow

The involved professionals we choose to work with your child are far more than preschool caretakers or activity directors. Each one is selected for specialized knowledge, skill and experience in working with children. Classroom staff-to-child ratios are designed to allow attentive, nurturing, individual care, that exceed state regulations. Disciplinary techniques are positive, not punishment-based. Our professionals are committed to connecting with you and your child, keeping you closely informed of his or her experience and progress. We’re committed to both maintaining and enhancing our skills. In addition, every staff member is Pediatric CPR and First Aid certified, Background checked and is required to continue a minimum of 12 hours in additional Early Childhood trainings each year.

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Your Partner In Parenting

Our goal is to provide the support you need to raise your child lovingly. We are committed to share every milestone and every detail you need to know; daily activities, developmental progress, sleeping and eating patterns, diaper changes, toilet training. In return, we encourage you to share your concerns and the joys of your child’s growth with us. We openly welcome your feedback. As part of the Kids’ Choice family, you’ll receive daily reports on your child’s activities via our whiteboards located in the entry of each classroom and from conversations with your caregiver. In the infant and young toddler classes you will also receive a written report of your child’s diaper changes, sleep times and food intake. In each class, you will also be informed by our parent boards, monthly activity calendars, a regular newsletter and special announcement bulletins. You’ll be included in regular formal evaluations and parent/teacher conferences. We welcome your involvement with Kids’ Choice and encourage you to visit and join in your child’s activities at any time, we call this our “Open Door Policy.” We also set aside special days for your whole family to visit us. To maintain the highest quality care at an affordable rate, we encourage parents and community members to support our efforts by:

  • Sharing special talents like music and arts, storytelling, carpentry and cultural activities
  • Working with children and staff during daily activities and routines
  • Helping with parties, special events and holidays
  • Repairing broken toys and equipment
  • Organizing special functions for our staff
  • Coordinating and participating in fundraising projects

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A Special Place For Your Child

Cameras/Monitors and Safety

Kids Choice Child Care Center is fully equipped with emergency kits and includes a video monitoring system of every classroom, our indoor activity area and playgrounds. Parents are able to observe their child in their classroom while at work. Long distance relatives can login with a password to stay connected with their family. A telephone in each room allows access to your child’s teacher at anytime. Teachers maintain close supervision while speaking with parents and are able to contact the front desk if necessary without leaving the classroom.


Kids’ Choice Child Care Center provides quality care and preschool education in 8 separate age appropriate classrooms each with age appropriate learning centers. Each classroom comes equipped with child-sizes sinks and restrooms. Children fit comfortably in our unique furniture designs.

Meals And Snacks

Meals are prepared on site, in our kitchen, by a staff member trained in preschool nutrition. Kids’ Choice serves only USDA approved meals and snacks. Nutritious meals and snacks provided include a morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. Lunch meals are served family style.

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