Young Preschool Program

Young Preschool

The first of our preschool programs serves children from 2 years to 3 years. Young Preschoolers have expanded their language skills and are beginning to communicate verbally. They love their independence and exploration is their number one priority. Two of their favorite expressions right now are “No!” and “Mine!” They are very curious and love to explore. The teachers in this age group have created a stimulating and warm environment for your children to grow and feel secure exploring their independence. Our curriculum safely encourages children to pursue their priority of exploring. The classroom environment is designed to further enhance this inquisitive stage. Young Preschool teachers are special people who have tons of patience, lots of love and understanding and adore this age group. They are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure that each child has the opportunity to succeed, feel secure, and remain content and happy. Once a child is mature enough to handle “potty time” by themselves, and the staff and parents believe the child is socially, physically, and emotionally ready to move to the next classroom environment, the child will enter our next Program. This program, designed to meet the special needs of maturing twos and young threes, is a perfect bridge into our Preschool program.

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