Toddler Programs


As babies grow, they begin to learn all kinds of new things. In this room, we are helping your infant learn. We begin working with sign language, using utensils for eating, weaning from a bottle to a sippy cup, breaking from sleeping in a crib to sleeping on a raised cot, sharing toys, listening, and many more fine motor skills. Your child has grown into the mobile stage and is crawling/walking and exploring their fascinating environment. Their curiosity is endless. This room is designed to be self-contained, with a diaper changing station and a completely separate refrigerator and food preparation area. There are plenty of toys, equipment, art supplies and books. There is always lots of love given to all by our staff. Since children at this age learn through play and exploration, we give them the space, age-appropriate materials and stimulation they need to help quench their thirst for exploration. Our weekly curriculum gives our Toddlers valuable experiences to help them develop and learn. At this stage, we focus on eye hand coordination, motor development and problem solving. The Toddlers’ natural inquisitiveness is encouraged and nurtured. Kids Choice staff strives to ensure a safe, secure, and loving environment. Daily communication reports are ready at the end of the day for parents to pick-up. These easy to read reports reflect everything that went on in their child’s day at Kids Choice.


Our Toddler Program is the next stage of development following our pre-toddler program. Curiosity, unbounded energy, and independence characterize toddlerhood. Our Toddler teachers assist children in channeling these abilities. The toddlers are offered unstructured play time each morning in order to allow them to enter the group at their own pace and encourage them to make choices within defined options. We offer daily scheduled activities such as art, music, physical activities, dramatic play and story time. Because we understand the importance of flexibility with toddlers, we are prepared to make changes and compromises to meet the ever-changing demands of children. Our toddlers have their own outside play area with age-appropriate equipment and hands-on activities. Our teachers are also ready to assist the children when they begin showing interest in going from diapers to using the toilet on our child sized toilets designed to encourage potty training. A day in the life of a Toddler is packed with fun! Daily reports are prepared so that parents may review their child’s day at Kids Choice.

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