Infant Program

Room 1 – Infants (3 weeks to 10/12 months)

During the first year of life your baby responds best to a warm, loving environment. Holding your baby and responding to his/her cries are essential in building a strong, healthy bond. Our infant room caregiver to infant ratio is 1 to 4. Our schedule revolves around your infants individual needs and development. Tummy time and snuggle time are a part of your child’s daily routine along with the various positioning throughout the day. Keeping the infant environment sanitized and disinfected is important and we have put definitive procedures in place to insure cleanliness. Staff is required to adhere to all sanitary measures. Toys are disinfected nightly. Changing tables are disinfected after each individual diaper is changed. Caregivers are required to wear gloves before each baby’s diaper is changed. Each baby has his or her own crib. Cribs are NEVER shared at Kids Choice. Nightly reports are ready for parents at pick-up time. They reflect in detail, everything that went on during the day, including new and exciting developments, diaper changes and feedings.

infant daycare